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Office of the Provost Dr. Jerry Migler

report Dr. Migler informed us that phase one of the self study is complete and we are moving into phase two. Dr. Jerry Migler We are now looking at the evidence, and the status of how the college is meeting those requirements. We've color coded the status - green means we are meeting the requirements, yellow identifies areas that meet the requirements but need improvement, red means we are not meeting requirements and need to be fixed before we submit our report. Because of the new HLC requirement, we are needing to address new requirements. Groups are starting to write the 'self study' in a broad manner. Dr. Migler is confident that we will come off probation, but warned that we must not become complacent- and gave what happened with San Francisco City College as an example.

Dr. Migler addressed a question about the Complaints Grievances and Oversight Team (CGOT). They will be having meetings to sort out what CGOTs charge is and what the already established College Grievance Group will address.

The HLC groups will have monthly campus meetings to disseminate information and provide progress reports.

Dr. Migler can be reached at jmigler@pima.edu

HLC Committee Request for Information Dr. Daisy Rodriguez Pitel and Roxanne Brumitt

report Dr. Daisy Rodriguez Pattel. The Monitoring Report Followup Team subcommittee informed us that the will be contacting individual and groups to identify ways to improve college culture and restore trust amongst groups. They plan to conduct individual and focus group interviews with staff, faculty, and administrators; Disseminate brief Survey Monkey to further assess perceptions of relationships between faculty, staff, and administrators and invite suggestions of short- and long-term goals.

Dr. Rodriguez Pitel can be reached at drodriguezpitel@pima.edu

Office of the Chancellor Debbie Yoklic

report Debbie Yoklic reported on SPG-1501AA (sec.5.2) regarding the complaints and grievances complaint against the Chancellor, an Executive Administrator, the EEO/AA/ADA Officer, or the Title IX Coordinator. Below you can see a summary of changes proposed to the document - and only the parts being addressed at this time. Parts in blue indicate wording that has been added while parts in red indicate sections that have been removed . This will be posted this afternoon on the Pima website.


If an employee or student believes that he or she has been the victim of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, he or she is encouraged to promptly report or file a complaint about the incident as detailed below.

College employees shall cooperate with an authorized investigation and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct as contained in the Personnel Policy statements.

5.2. Report or Complaint against the Chancellor, an Executive Administrator, the EEO/AA/ADA Officer, or the Title IX Coordinator

If the person alleged to have violated BP-1501 and this SPG is the Chancellor or an Executive Administrator the report or complaint may be made directly to the Chair of the Governing Board, Governing Board’s College Attorney, Human Resources Department including EEO/AA/ADA Office or the Compliance and Ethics Hotline. If such a report or complaint is made to the Human Resources Department, including the EEO/AA/ADA Office, or the Compliance and Ethics Hotline it shall promptly be transferred to the Governing Board’s attorney. If the person alleged to have violated BP-1501and this SPG is the EEO/AA/ADA Officer or the Title IX Coordinator, the report or complaint should be made to the Chief Human Resources Officer.

5.2.a Report or Complaint against the Chancellor

If the person alleged to have violated BP-1501 and this SPG is the Chancellor, the complaint shall be reported to the Chair of the Governing Board or the College’s Attorney, who shall inform each other. The Board Chair and the College’s Attorney shall inform the other members of the Governing Board. The investigation of the facts concerning an alleged violation by the Chancellor shall be conducted by an independent, third party reviewer who shall report the results to the Board and the College’s Attorney.

5.2.b Report or Complaint against an Executive Administrator

If the person alleged to have violated BP-1501 and this SPG is an Executive Administrator, the complaint shall be reported to the head of the Human Resources Department, the Compliance and Ethics Hotline, or the College’s Attorney, who shall inform the Chancellor.

5.2.c Report or Complaint against the EEO/AA/ADA Officer or the Title IX Coordinator

If the person alleged to have violated BP-1501and this SPG is the EEO/AA/ADA Officer or the Title IX Coordinator, the report or complaint shall be reported to the head of the Human Resources Department.

Debbie Yoklic can be reached at dyoklic@pima.edu

Office of Human Resources - Liaison Report Irma Federico

report Irma presented September, 2013 Recruitment Statistics as follows:

  1. 1117 applications were received in the month of August
  2. 48 positions were open and in various stages of recruitment during the month
    1. 4-Temporary, 3 Federal Work Study and 19- Administration/Staff and – 18 Faculty positions
  3. 16 positions general, designated and restricted were filled with internal (50%) and external (50%) candidates
  4. A total of 174 hires to-date in 2013; internal*(34%) and external (66%)
    *Internal Breakdown
    1. Transfer Opportunity – 6%
    2. External Recruitment – 44%
  5. Acting Opportunities: 6 hire (please note: acting opportunity data stands alone and the number is not included in the above data.)

48 positions were open and in various stages of recruitment during the month


Temporary positions


Federal work-study positions


Administration/Staff positions


Faculty Positions

16 positions general, designated and restricted were filled


Internal Employees


External Employees

A total of 174 hires to-date in 2013; internal*(34%) and external (66%)


Internal hires


External Hires**

**External Hires include current PCC employees who transferred or applied externally


Internal tranfer


External Application

Irma Federico can be reached at ifederico1@pima.edu

AFCSME Rose Bolz

report Elections were held and the new AFSCME Officers are as follows:

Valerie Vidal-King
Walter Silvas
Chief Steward:
Bruno Loya
Assisting Chief Steward:
Desiree Maultsby
Recording Secretary:
Francisco Mendoza
Professional Development Fund Chairperson:
Connie Phifer

Rose Bolz can be reached at rbolz@pima.edu

ACES Julie Hecimovich

report ACES Community Outreach Project - Barbecue
Join ACES to raise money for the families of our military personnel from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. All proceeds go toward supporting our military families. Below are the dates and contact names for each location. Donations of items or cash to cover expenses will be accepted both prior to and during the events. Volunteers are needed. Speak with the contact for your location about how you can assist.

  • Downtown Campus, Oct. 8, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Marcia Wojsko, Charlie McConnell
  • Northwest Campus, Oct. 16, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Ed Gallagher, Brian Miller
  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Oct. 18, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Dena Wakefield, Cindy Dooling
  • West Campus, Oct. 22, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Sara Hastings, Diane Miller
  • Community Campus, Oct, 23, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Chelsea James, Gayle Bell
  • East Campus, Oct. 23, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Karen Smith, Cindy Shadle
  • Desert Vista, Oct. 30, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Kyle Mutz, Fernando Munguia
  • District Office, Oct. 31, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Dena Wakefield, Cindy Dooling

Donations are given to the Tucson Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee to assist with holiday food baskets and emergency requests from the families of the men and women who have been deployed from DM. In the last six years, Pima employees have donated more than $36,000.

Julie Hecimovich can be reached at jhecimovich@pima.edu

Board of Governor's Report Amy Paker

report Amy Parker, our Staff Council Board of Governors (BOG) Officer, informed us that all line items had been voted on and approved at the last Board of Governors' Meeting. We were also informed that Robert Ramirez stepped down as BOG Rep and a call for nominations and a special vote was held and consequently Benetta Jackson was voted as our new BOG Rep. Congratulations Benetta!

Amy Parker can be reached at alparker2@pima.edu

Campus Reports Staff Council Members

Northwest Campus to Host Earth Day October 16th

Come celebrate Earth Science Day with us! Pima Community College is hosting an Earth Science Day event at Northwest Campus on October 16. Learn about planet Earth and engage in hands-on activities for all ages related to protecting our environment, as well as climatology, geosciences, biology, astronomy, and physics from more than 40 community organizations. Find out about careers in science as well as many other excellent PCC programs, try out our giant campus sundial, snack on food cooked in a solar oven and observe the sun safely through a solar telescope. Activities are 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on the second level. The Northwest Campus is located at 7600 N. Shannon Road, just north of the Ina and Shannon intersection. Parking is free. Join us for this fantastic fun event! “Earth Science Day is always a lively event,” said Michael Tulino, vice president for student development at the Northwest Campus. “We try to create a ‘carnival of science.’”

Earth Science Day, free and open to the public
9 a.m.-1 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 16
PCC’s Northwest Campus (2nd level), 7600 N. Shannon Road
More Info
Contact Dr. Denise Meeks, Science Department chair, PCC Northwest Campus, dmeeks@pima.edu.

Theatre Arts presents the family play The Trumpet of the Swan

The Trumpet of the SwanPCC Arts launches the 2013-2014 season with the uplifting family production, The Trumpet of the Swan adapted by Joseph Robinette, based on the book by the renowned children’s author E.B. White. Directed by Mickey Nugent. Families will love this courageous, moving story of love, friendship and triumph over a disability. Louis is a swan born without the ability to make a sound. Deeply concerned for his son’s well being, Louis’ father steals a trumpet from a music store to give his son a voice. Louis goes out into the world searching for a way to pay back his father’s debt. Through his many adventures he overcomes his fear of being different, makes new friends, discovers his talents and falls in love. Director Nugent chose this play not only for the wonderful story by E.B. White, author of “Charlotte’s Web” and “Stuart Little,” but also for its underlying message of courage and determination. He remarks, “I think the best stories have heart and this story of the young swan Louis is both touching and inspiring. Louis is a doer and a survivor. I want the kids in the audience to not only enjoy the laughs and sweet family values, but also to know that everyone has the ability to persevere and conquer their fears, disabilities and inabilities.” The play appeals to all ages, and Nugent hopes to inspire not only the young people, but also the adults in the audience.

The Trumpet of the Swan
October 2 - 13
Public performances:
Fri.-Sat at 7 p.m.
Sat.-Sun. at 2 p.m.
PCC West Campus
Center for the Arts, Proscenium Theatre
2202 West Anklam Road
More info
ASL interpreters available October 11
general admission: Tickets are $8 with discounts for groups of 10 or more
information: Box office hours: Tues.-Fri., noon-5 p.m. and 1 hour prior to each performance.

AIDSWALK Tucson’s 25th Anniversary!

SAAF logoAIDSWALK Tucson provides tremendous support to people in Southern Arizona in helping to provide services like medications assistance, food programs, case management, housing, prevention programs, HIV testing and more and has raised millions over the past two plus decades. 2013 will mark AIDSWALK Tucson’s 25th Anniversary! Bill Maginnis, IT Tech at Northwest Campus, will be walking again and would appreciate your support. You can find more information by calling Bill at 520-206-2028 or by visiting https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/bill-maginnis/aidswalk-2013-tucson

Being Mobile: Online Safety and Security

October is National Cyber security Awareness Month.

  • 36 percent of us don’t use a PIN or passcode on our mobile devices, according to a 2013 McAfee study. Secure your devices with a passcode or passphrase to protect your personal information.
  • Check your WiFi and Bluetooth settings to be sure you connect manually to networks you trust. Automatically connecting to WiFi can leave you vulnerable to hackers and others. See more information here.
  • Think before you use an app – understand what information, such as location and social network accounts, the app would access and share before you download it.

Organizational and Professional Development (OPD)

OPD announces a new look for EmployeeDevelopment in MyPima. Check out the following for more information on the changes: What's Hot in OPD


Past chair
Wendy Dosch-Turner
Current Chair
Mykle Zoback
Chair Elect
Christopher Paul Hauser
Donna Cohn
Jorge A. Caballero
Roll Keeper
Desiree Maultsby
BOG Representative
Benetta Jackson
BOG Representative
Amy Parker


Community Campus
Dee Burns
Dan Pinard
Laura Porfirio
Celia Tapetillo
Mykle Zoback
Desert Vista Campus
Donna Cohn
Cindy Gomez
Benetta Jackson
Amy Parker
District Office and Maintenance & Security
Delso Bosquez
Mic Bouley
Denise Dudoit
Christopher Paul Hauser
Joyce Jaden
Aleksandra Knezevic
Karyza Ochoa
Jan Posz
Mark Roybal
Shani Stewart
Ranee Tanner
Wendy Turner
Jodie Valenzuela
Sriura Weirich
Eric Welch
Jennifer Wellborn
Downtown Campus
Tanisha Arnett
Andrew Kachur
East Campus
Desiree Maultsby
Damian Montoya
Northwest Campus
Jorge A. Caballero
Trisha Silva
West Campus
Carissa Urbalejo
Zeshan Siddiqui
Shawn Graham

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